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03.27Elise Mélinand - Grey Hoodie OUT NOW
The debut album from Christina Vantzou cellist Elise Mélinand is now available in CD, LP(w/download), Mp3 and Flac flavors.

In addition to the release we've recently added an interview with Elise to our "Learn More About..." series at the n5MD tumblr page.

02.19Mark Harris' The Angry Child
the angry childn5MD's resident glacial ambient statesman Mark Harris releases his latest work The Angry Child into the world. You can get it on CD, MP3 or FLAC direct from us. It's also at Bandcamp, iTunes as well as your other favorite retailers. In contrast to the download offerings the compact disc version is compiled as a seamless mix and will only be made available for a limited time.

02.11We'll Take a Dive by Bavaria out now...
 we'll take a diveToday is the official release date for the debut album from John Tejada and Kimi Recor's new Bavaria project. The debut We'll Take a Dive is now available in CD, LP, or Digital formats. LPs come with a download card. Below is the official video for their track Everywhere.

12.02n5MD welcomes Bavaria
Electronic musician John Tejada and vocalist Kimi Recor have teamed up for a full album of darkly hued electronic pop under the name Bavaria. The album, We'll Take a Dive, is scheduled for a February 11, 2014 release on CD, vinyl and at your favorite digital shop.

11.12Sun of the Dead & Ghost Story
This week we've released two albums that by pure coincidence have rather apparitional names.

First up is Ghost Bike's sophomore album "Sun of the Dead". "Sun of the Dead" showcases Vlad Shusterman's adeptness in aptly fusing contrasting styles together. Trip-hop and grime brush up against epic metallic guitar drops while a 2-step garage aping track circles back on some seriously tactile nugaze. A deep album filled with lots of raw emotional intensity.

Next (and out today) is the debut album from Preghost. While Preghost is a new name to most, a few might recognize Kosuke Anamizu as the sole presence also behind electronic ambient project Moshimoss. Some may even remember his minimal house excursions on Mule Electronic under his own name. "Ghost Story" finds Anamizu clearly fusing all his previous outings in one cohesive bend of atmospheric melodic techno.

10.31n5MD welcomes Elise Mélinand
elise melinandn5MD is proud to announce Elise Mélinand (Christina Vantzou's The Little Prism Ensemble) as the most recent addition to the n5MD family. Her debut album Gray Hoodie will be out in March 2014. A sample track from that release is below. You can learn more about Elise Mélinand at her Facebook page.


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