Dalot - Minutestatic
Dalot Minutestatic
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cause & effect
missing pieces
the blue car
breathe your soul in and say goodbye (for him)
a letter
in silence
the empty desk

About Minutestatic

n5MD is proud to present the sophomore album from sound artist Maria Papadomanolaki's electro-acoustic project Dalot. The album—titled 'Minutestatic'—was originally borne of late night improvisations that were sparked by events in Maria's life that created a sincere and richly emotional canvas. Over a period of a few months she took the 10 original sketches and sculpted them into something truly emotionally striking and texturally dense. Songs like 'The Blue Car' and “The Empty Desk' gleam of ethereally interweaving guitar strokes, where-as album opener 'Cause & Effect' and album mid-point “a letter' go deeper into shaping labyrinth-like soundscapes mirroring the perplexity of the artist's vision. Even the aurally claustrophobic “investigation” has an implied detached feeling which is delicately rendered by a wall of hazy and indiscernible guitar riffs. In "Minutestatic" Dalot has made an album that is personal and reflective while remaining personally accessible and compelling to the listener. In such is a journey that seems to reveal a cascade of emotions. [Learn more about Dalot...]

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Loop Over Latitudes was a pocket full of overflowing gaseous strings tied to crescents of stripped minimalism; a definitive projection of sizzling vibrations sliced its center. Minutestatic takes flight where the previous album landed. Delving into and out of shimmering guitars and dusty ambient interludes, each title slides across thickened flutter and micro-rhythms. Its emotional appeal is tethered with hand-sewn instrumentation as blurred halo’s emerge above each piece. Although Minutestatic delivers a smattering of deeply evolved musical bliss, its mission has more to do with transcendental significance rather than written synopses of its audible forms. Treading lightly on fibrous-shoegaze, Dalot creates waves of curiously attractive buzzing that locks into memory without fail.
Autres Directions

Poussières d’étoile et vagues de bruit calme. Au milieu coule un fil d’Ariane délesté du poids du jour et de ses familiarités. Minutestatic s’ouvre sur ce qui pourrait être une chute de Victorialand, l’album charnière de Cocteau Twins. Les guitares flottent puis s’enfoncent, entre nuit et brouillard, jusqu’aux premières pulsations électroniques de Missing Pieces. Plus loin la nuit, ses ambiances et son moins de bruit achèveront de rendre à ce travail solitaire la part de mystère qui lui manque de prime abord. Car le nouvel album de Dalot, projet solitaire mené par Maria Papadomanolaki, est particulièrement bien agencé et suffisamment captivant pour s’extraire des masses de l’informe. Certains y célèbreront l’évanouissement progressif des symptômes n5md (ambient, électronique, shoegazing). D’autres s’y laisseront simplement porter par les ombres, l’errance et le temps figé. Entre les deux subsiste à l’évidence une intéressante personnalité, capable de transposer l’idée vagabonde de son premier album (Loop Over Latitudes) aux plus intimes profondeurs de l’après minuit.

She balances grace with mystery, strength with fragility and honesty with beauty. Don’t worry, I haven’t fallen in love again. Unless you count albums as objects of desire and affection in which case I go head over heels fairly regularly here at [sic] towers. The "she" in question is of course Maria Papadomanolaki, otherwise known as Dalot, and Maria is rather amazing.

Minutestatic is Dalots second full-length and deals with some rather personal issues in Marias life. The ten pieces here are described as late night improvisations which are, naturally enough, emotionally charged by the events previously alluded to. The first thing to make clear is that these tracks don’t really sound improvised at all. That description, to my thinking, implies a lack of quality whereas these arrangements are skillful and lovingly rendered.

The title track (which closes out this album) brings to mind weather patterns. This may be just my own personal interpretation, not only because it sounds rumbling, ominous yet staggeringly beautiful, but possibly also because it reminds me of Harold Budd’s Lovely Thunder. But before we reach that beautiful troposphere, we’ll travel through a variety of sonic ‘climates’. We kick things off in vaguely Durutti Column territory. The ghost of Vini Reilly (thankfully not dead) offers up a plaintive, Iberian, guitar meditation which is pulled further into a whirlpool of drone chaos as the track progresses. ‘Missing Pieces’ alters the mood somewhat with more urgency and an almost pop structure to what is still ambient IDM, for want of a nicer peg. Actually there are some soaring, angelic vocals on this and following track ‘The Blue Car’ which is even more accessible and very pretty indeed. ‘In Silence’ is very much Bark Psychosis territory and ‘Canyon’ could be something by Robin Guthrie.

At the heart of this recording a song title like ‘Breath Your Soul In and Say Goodbye (For him)’ leaves us in little doubt as to its underlying ‘theme’. It isn’t as heart wrenching is you might imagine, more a contemplative refrain. But it shows us that the real skill of Dalot lies in understatement. There are no great bells or whistles on Minutestatic but plenty of subtlety and courage.

One of the most touching releases of the year.

Græske Maria Papadomanolaki, som er bedre kendt under kunstnernavnet Dalot, følger med Minutestatic op på sidste års fremragende debut, Loop Over Latitudes, der scorede topkarakter hos undertegnede. Med en solid forankring i det sorte og det blidt larmende, er det lykkedes Dalot at fremmane endnu et sæt numre, eller mentale rejser, hvor hun udforsker forskellige landskaber, klangbunde og stemninger. Hun er stadig i et tydeligt slægtskab med en ligesindet kunstner som eksempelvis SUBstractive Lad, og der er ikke mange, der kan forene ambient med foruroligende og suggererende støj på en så nænsom og overbevisende måde som Dalot gør. Alligevel er der på denne toer ikke de samme kvaliteter som på debuten. Det er, som om klangene er blevet mere kantede og anstrengte. Hvor hun tidligere lod paletten flyde over med stærke og langstrakte og yderst komplekse sindbilleder, er der på Minutestatic en mere tør og plastisk lyd, der har sværere ved at finde vej ind i de inderste kamre i øre og indre.

Det er ikke, fordi Dalot mangler mod eller idéer, og der er også nogle fremragende skæringer, hvor også akustiske instrumenter leger med i det elektroniske lydbillede. Men Minutestatic har ikke den samme fængende indvirkning som tidligere, og hvad det skyldes, kan være svært at sætte fingeren på. Måske er det bare undertegnede, der stiller for høje forventninger til opfølgeren på et på alle måder fremragende debutalbum. Det er også forkert at sige, at Dalot fejler med denne toer, men man må godt stille høje forventninger, når man en sjælden gang møder noget unikt og spændende, som Dalot i høj grad indeholder.

Yndere af den mere eksperimenterende ambient vil helt sikkert have god mulighed for at finde krop og sjæl hos Dalot også på dette album, og for yderligere info kan man besøge www.dalot.net eller www.n5md.com