Asonat - Love In Times Of Repetition
Asonat Love In Times Of Repetition
Format : CD / Digital
Catalog# : MD198
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Love In Times Of Repetition previews

On the Other Side
Where The Heart Lives
Love In Times Of Repetition
What Have We Done (Silence is Golden)
I See Her Face
We Have Come So Far Again
Dandelions (For You)
There was a Pattern
Part of Your Plan
Last Song (Almost)
Cycle Starts Over

About Love In Times Of Repetition

"Love In Times Of Repetition" is the debut album from Icelandic duo Asonat. While a new project, its members are already veterans in post millennial electronic music. Fannar Ásgrímsson (one half of Plastik Joy) and Jónas Thór Guðmundsson (Ruxpin) with a little help from co-patriot Kjartan Ólafsson (Ampop & Kjarr), Japanese singer Chihiro and the French singer Olèna Simon have made an album that sounds less like a paint-by-numbers Plastik Joy / Ruxpin team up but a fresh take on vocal-centric experimental downtempo. As one might expect Ruxpin's soothing IDM electronics are present as is Ásgrímsson's metered, programming and guitar but both artists elements are now shrouded in a new warmer blanket of timbre, style and emotion. [Learn more about Asonat...]