Crisopa - Biodance
Crisopa Biodance
Format : CD / Digital
Catalog# : MD199
$11.00 + S/H
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Biodance previews

Cosmos Wallclock
Es Todo Mental
Que Nos Ataquen
White Vacuum
Ruled by Strange New Laws
Biodance With Me
Planets With Lava Oceans
Last Membrane (Adapt Remix)
North Left (Kit De Crein Remix)

About Biodance

Biodance is the much anticipated debut album from Madrid (SP) based electronic musician Crisopa. A densely layered album squeezing inspiration from electronic music sub-generes such as IDM, dub-step, post-rock, nu-gaze, and ambient while remaining cohesive, ever evolving and remarkably danceable. Anyone having seen Crisopa live undoubtably knows they were eventually coerced into moving their bodies by the ebb, flow and trajectory of his music. And Biodance is no different, however it is not all about moving your body. A quick look inside the CD case reveals the motivation behind the album: Biodance “is a system of self-development that uses music, movement and positive feelings to deepen self-awareness”. Whether he's talking about his own self-awareness our ours, that just about sums the album up. Crisopa just wants you to loose yourself in the moment and Biodance is the perfect soundtrack for getting lost within. [ learn more about Crisopa]