Another Electronic Musician

Another Electronic Musician

United States
Springing from a desire to creatively temper the effects of his increasingly scientific world view, Jase Rex's musical metallurgy began in 2001, while deep in his study of physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Adopting the moniker 'Another Electronic Musician' (or 'AEM'), Rex cut his teeth releasing on net labels (hippocamp, en:pegDigital), lending his talent to various artist comps (Audiobulb, Igloomag, nophi), and generally pimping his work on message boards to anyone who would listen. The name, Rex explains, came less out of an ironic sense of modesty, than an attempt to "have my music taken at face value" by preempting the "negative connotations" often associated with the post-millennial glut of electronic bedroom producers.

In September 2004, after three years of honing his unique combination of found sounds, an essentialist "minimal aesthetic", and a subtle dash of undeniable groove, Rex successfully separated himself from the pack with the release of his surprisingly mature and meticulously crafted debut “Use” on Oakland's n5MD label. Inspired by his urban adolescence in Inglewood, CA (LA's SW suburban sister) and the mechanistic physical concepts of his academic life, "Use's" stark, moving melodies, underwater dub grooves, and elastic beat collisions combine to capture the "warm and emotional aspects of the city" that Rex believes are all- too-often ignored in modern representations of urban life. Expansive, yet intimate, "Use" is an album of fragile, abstract soundscapes that recall the early work of Lusine and Pole, while refusing to conform to either artists' style.

Building on the foundation of "Use", Rex's sophomore effort "Patience" was released in September 2006. Culled from an original cache of 36 working pieces, "Patience's" 9 tracks are organized as a seamless multi- movement work, outlining an emotional arch that peaks with the gorgeous "Green and Olive" before introducing the dark and ominous lullabies of its second half (particularly "Slave" and "Birthing"). Offering a listening experience described by n5MD as "akin to standing still as urban inhabitants pass you by at hyperspeed", "Patience's" depth and precision eclipse expectations of an artist this early in their career.

AEM's third full length album, entitled "Five", will be released on November 5th 2008 by the n5MD imprint. Returning to the more minimal, beat-driven approach of his debut, Rex avoids simply rehashing the past by infusing "Five" with unexpected stylistic shifts into Techno, Electro and even House all the while maintaining the chaotic, but recognizable patterns of noise that have characterized his releases in the past.

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