Axel Rigaud

Axel Rigaud

Combining analog synthesizers and live wind instruments, Axel Rigaud constructs overwhelming soundscapes, plunging the listener into a hybrid musical universe where electronic and acoustic mediums effortlessly mesh as one.

Starting in music at the ripe age of 6, Axel Rigaud began his saxophone studies at the Châlons Conservatory in the Champagne region. 20 years later, he graduated from the Paris Conservatory.

For him, performing live implies taking risks, therefore his live performances always leave a major part to improvisation. Thus, his audiences become bathed in a swirl of electro-acoustic sounds which is always original and unique. On one night, his flute, drowned in reverb, may float aloof above analog pads, all corroded by saturation. Meanwhile, arpeggiators create an addictive flow, and sub frequencies pound a regular and all-encompassing pulse.

In December 2012, he teamed up with Antoine Karacostas to form the band Moiré and release their EP "Hush" on Someone Records.

In may 2015, Axel realized his first solo EP. Written between December 2014 and March 2015, the five tracks demonstrate his ability to create a brand of electronic music which is both exciting and organic. The careful recording process brought the clarity and quantization of machines, together with the timbres and airy quality of his wind instruments. One red line brings all of the tracks together: the sound of the bustling crowd of the Parisian train station Gare de l'Est, where he spent many hours during the period surrounding the construction of the EP.

2018 will see the release of his first album, Transformation, on n5MD.