Ghost Bike

Ghost Bike

Ghost Bike is the main nom de plume of the Russian-born, Jerusalem-based producer Vlad Shusterman. Multi-instrumental and classically trained, he tags (somewhat ironically) his own work as "ghost-rock": dense, distressed, daedal beauty crafted from fusion of both live and canned vocals, sweeping electronics, eclectic sampling, and omnipresent heavily processed guitar.

His first Ghost Bike LP, titled You Don't Exist, was self-released in May 2010 to rave reviews from blogs like UK's Phuturelabs and New Era Sounds, and online zines such as US' Just Press Play. Time's Carcass EP followed in 2011 on the prestigious n5MD imprint, boasting an even wider palette of influences from worldbeat, industrial, and drone metal to flesh out his post-dubstep-meets-post-rock framework. Shortly after the release of Time's Carcass, Shusterman was recruited by the famed Denmark-Brooklyn duo Blue Foundation to remix their work alongside such luminaries as dreamwave rising stars Sun Glitters and ethereal electronica stalwart Manual.

In the summer of 2013 Vlad completed the long-awaited second Ghost Bike full-length Sun of the Dead, opting for a harder and yet even richer sound with shards of post-metal, washes of nu-gaze and darkwave, winks toward 2-step garage and trip hop - all blending in his surprisingly old-fashioned songwriting. Out this fall on n5MD, Sun of the Dead cements his name as a true artisan in the ever-changing field of boundaryless post-everything music.

His current side projects (with regular Ghost Bike contributors Tamar Singer and Ayala Almog, respectively) are twin-guitar neofolk duo Cruel Wonders and occult-themed dark electro as Spells.