Stray Theories

Stray Theories

New Zealand
Stray Theories is the musical pseudonym of New Zealand based, Australian Musician and Composer Micah Templeton-Wolfe.

Micah has been composing and releasing music for over a decade, releasing music primarily under the alias Stray Theories alongside a number of collaborations and remix projects.

Performing with bands in Australia from a young age he moved later into working in audio and music production. An interest in electronic music evolved and Micah began to record demos, leading to a first EP release in the early 2000's. This was followed by a string of initial demo and EP releases, as well as live performances throughout Australia and New Zealand. With a growing influence from minimal ambient, post-rock, shoegaze and experimental electronica he began to move in a new direction and develop a different sound from his initial output which cumulated with the release of 'Even Though We Sleep' in 2012, this album marked a new path for the project and saw a wave of new releases, remixes and collaborations as well a focus on composing for film and media.

From cinematic soundscapes to experimental electronica, his atmospheric ambient music has appeared in a wide range of media including Film & Documentary Soundtracks, Commercials, Sound Design Projects and Art Installations.

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