The Netherlands
Tangent is an electronic music duo based in Holland that combines electronics with more traditional instruments in a highly contrasting manner. Their music takes its audience on a journey through sonic fields that seem infinite. Matter seems to be formed and collapsing simultaneously, much like a new universe being created on the ashes of a previous one.

Always searching for the best quality of sound, the duo of Ralph van Reijendam (drums for Fire Walk with Us, Rob Klerkx and the Secret) and Robbert Kok (vocals for Disavowed, Synesis Absorption) constantly push their own musical boundaries by finding new and creative ways of working with sound.

Tangent released their first album "1mk2" in 2013 on Mindtrick records and their second album "Transience" on Tympanik Audio in 2014. Tangent now has found a long term home with n5MD and will release their third album "Collapsing Horizons" this September.