Proem - Among Others


Among Others \ MiniDisc

  • 001
  • your grandfather is dead
  • luke warm bath with rubber kitty
  • eat knife
  • phat sheild
  • three days before i move
  • earlyrings
  • slow nods and slippers
  • crashmap
  • winter delerium
  • we are going to let you go
  • ygid sunset [rmx]
  • 3days b4 i move [rmx]
Proem is probably this years winner for most prolific artists in the IDM genre. Proem follows up his Negativ CD (m3rck) from ealier this year with a MiniDisc of all new (and some previously lost) tracks of quality glitch ridden electronica. On "Among Others" Proem gets a bit darker and eases up a bit on his signature breakneck skittery beats to let the ambience flow. Simply put… beautiful. Learn more about Proem

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