ML - Everyone Looks Like Somebody Else


Everyone Looks Like Somebody Else \ CD

  • shake n staple
  • librarian
  • sidedish
  • adjustable height
  • turtle town
  • flanket
  • my xmas tree and me
  • mr d & d
  • no ;) on the -)
  • sneakerwave
  • short instrumental
  • quick kit
  • secret morsel
  • trainee
  • no tradebacks
  • engrailed
  • (u r my) dentist
Pacific Northwest electronic music trio ML have spent the last few years changing their name from Thine Eyes to ML (pronounced mluh) , being part of various compilations and doing a release for toast and jam records. Now ML have put together a full-length for n5MD entitled "everyone looks like somebody else". With Delicate playful melodies mixed with crunchy beats that almost seem organic in nature "everyone looks like somebody else" is almost beyond comparison. There are many layers to this CD from the skittering shuffle of "my xmas tree and me" to the deliberate percussion of "quick kit" to the melancholic melodies of "sneakerwave". There is literally something for everyone in "everyone...." Learn more about ML