Tim Koch - Mine Is Yours

Tim Koch

Mine Is Yours \ MiniDisc

  • Pem - orteip rmx
  • Tim Koch - bananalution rmx
  • Suvome - movie part 1 rmx
  • Lawrence English - room40 rmx
  • Brunatex - the city rmx
  • Mr Eel - snap down dynamic rmx
  • FourPlay - meshugganah rmx
  • Proem - early rings rmx
  • Marumari - super botany rmx
  • Lackluster - cull streak rmx
  • Hrvatski - attn cats rmx
  • Dial - what can you offer rmx
  • Codec - vast rmx
  • MD - 10 rmx
  • Skoop - 2-inch cut rmx
n5MD returns to it's namesake "roots" with the new release from Tim Koch entitled "Mine is Yours". "Mine is Yours" is an MD compilation of remixes that Mr Koch has done of other artists both in and out of the experimental electronic genre. A quick scan of the tracklisting reveals remixes of lackluster, marumari, proem, hrvatski, and even Tim himself, among others. Tim Koch has spent the last few years releasing a plethora of material on Defocus, Surgery, Aurual industries as well as compilation apperances on M3rck Records, Negativland's label Seeland, Systorm Technologies, Component Records,Intr_Version, Global Recordings , Lucky Kitchen, and U-cover , as well as an apperance on our MD2 Minidisc compilation. "Mine is Yours" is a wonderfly infectious mix of shuffling beats and soaring melodies that Tim Koch is now almost infamous for. Learn more about Tim Koch