Quench - Puncuated


Puncuated \ MD / CD / Digital

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Don and Roel Funcken claim to have made music since they arrived on earth...and we believe them! They have been making music for the last several years under several monikers such as 'Funckarma', 'Cenik' and 'Quench'. They have released material on labels from across the globe including Neo Ouija, Isophlux, Dub, U-cover, Delekatessen, and ON records, as well as a future release with Warp's Arcola imprint under their latest incarnation 'Cane' . Their musical output has been rather impressive and equally as heartfelt and original. The Funcken Brothers now land at n5MD for a brief moment to bring you "Punctuated". Quench's first release by a stateside label, "Punctuated" Shows Quench at their cruelest. Intense yet subtle melodies, unpredictable bass-work and broken hip-hop inspired drum action rounds out this solid release from Holland's Brothers Funcken.

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