Proem - Proem_LiveMD[cd?]


Proem_LiveMD[cd?] \ CD / Digital

  • noise to put em in the mood
  • parts assembled
  • 365 [one day with proem]
  • little_a
  • out of phase
  • sleep is for lunch
  • ...
  • ...
  • more parts assembled
  • and by sweet i mean
  • thank you good night
By popular demand of almost everyone who has seen Richard Bailey (A.K.A. Proem) play live... n5MD and Proem have teamed up yet again to bring you his first live disc. Recorded at a live show in his homebase of Austin TX , this seamless reworking of original mixes and remixes shows why Proem is one of the current shining stars of the genre. A highly recommended release if you’re a fan lush glitched-up electronica.

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