V/A - MD8


MD8 \ CD / Digital

  • Headphone Science - disappeared in the rear view
  • Quench - frost
  • Sohcahtoa - magrethea
  • Vesna - rack mode
  • Rivel - isine
  • Portland - soco 2110-th
  • ML - feelchud
  • Similar - cit
  • Gridlock - chrometaphor [loess rmx]
  • Vcam - gaelpol [proem rmx]
  • Phaeon - original northwest amateur
  • Gimmik - booga
  • Spark - dont rain on my parade
  • Mercurial - rainwalker
n5MD continues it’s “MD” series of compilations on a slightly “friendlier” format. As with the MD1, MD2 and Tim Koch compilations n5MD has aurally conjoined new artists with veterans of the experimental electronica genre. MD8 features rare and unreleased tracks from quench, gimmik, gridlock (remixed by loess), spark, vesna, headphone science, vcam (remixed by proem), among others. All of which are decompressed for your listening leisure.

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