Vesna - Snow Sences


Snow Sences \ CD / Digital

  • 5 people
  • dilemma
  • warm future
  • stellar motion
  • autumn coma
  • road
  • lotus
  • mesmeric diamantine
  • snow sences
  • desrt
  • deeply under the ice
  • waxen beats
  • express rosary vogue
  • rack mode
Vesna, which means spring in their native tongue, is an apt name for this Russian duo. "Snow Sences" their US full-length debut CD has the feeling that Spring is just around the corner. It is not as much a concept album but rather a stylistic approach to their song writing that Vesna utilizes on Snow Sences. Warm rolling beats that would not be out of place in the K7 stable are mixed with icy glitch-ridden textures that still remind you that Spring has not yet arrived. If the chill-out room at your next warehouse party is in a freezer... Ask for Snow Sences by name... And feel the warmth of Spring. Learn more about Vesna

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