Keef Baker - The Widnes Years

Keef Baker

The Widnes Years \ CD / Digital

  • Bingo Hall Murders
  • Castrovalva
  • Runt
  • Fountains Abbey
  • Armed Snobbery
  • Reckless Engineering Through Diamonds
  • Calmed Robbery
  • Ernie Unwise
  • Canberra
  • Daffodil Particle
  • Betty Swollocks
On his debut release with n5MD, The Widnes Years, Keef Baker blurs the edges of electronic corruption until all that is left are a few polished melodies that ever so subtly disperse themselves above a palette of sonic manipulations. The revealing sonic implosions are all internal and self-created. Reflecting the feelings of pretty objects being crushed out of malice, an aggressive scope of work is complimented by melodic remnants during the uplifting points on the album.

Shying away from current 'IDM' trends where process surpasses the tune, The Widnes Years has a lot more to do with friction than it does with fluidity. Gritty beats, rippling effects, and the particles of dust scattered above each melody collide into each other as if they were part of one entity, floating into a unified apocalyptic frenzy. Learn more about Keef Baker

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