Spark - Super Robot Battle Deluxe


Super Robot Battle Deluxe \ CD / Digital

  • my human objective
  • spectralk
  • space
  • bombing for peace
  • memor
  • sick to death
  • finding tracks
  • transform sonic doom
  • secret science
  • hardcore robo
  • zone in effect
  • piped
  • super robot battle deluxe
Spark follows up his critically acclaimed “the robot girl next door” CD with “super robot battle deluxe”. All but decimated are the saccharine 8 bit melodies of the robotic girl. This time around she has been retrofitted for 12-bit mayhem, and now the real battle has begun. Recorded live in Spark's secret lair, “super robot battle deluxe” assaults you with a perfect mix of acidic old school hardcore, breakcore trickery and subtle subliminal melodies that leave you wanting the battle to never end. “Super robot battle deluxe” is an infectious mix of modern experimental electronica. Learn more about Spark

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