Keef Baker - Widnes Redevelopment Project

Keef Baker

Widnes Redevelopment Project \ CD / Digital

  • Mothboy - Runt
  • Detritus - Betty Swollocks
  • Displacer - Ernie Unvise
  • subtractiveLAD - Armed Snobbery
  • Keef Baker - Daffodil Paticle (Pollen)
  • Ochre - Calmed Robbery
  • Savant - Bingo Hall Murders
  • Lackluster - Runt
  • Proem - Armed Snobbery
  • Spark - Castrovalva
  • Scrap.edx - Logopolis
  • Shadowclast - Castrovalva
  • Bitcrush - Reckless Engineering Through Diamonds
Originally slated to be part of a double disc re-packaging of Keef Baker's debut CD The Widnes Years, The Widnes Redevelopment Project has turned into it's own and is the perfect remix companion to The Widnes Years. Some of the highlights include remixes from Proem, Lackluster, Mothboy, Displacer, Spark, subtractiveLAD, and even Keef Baker himself. The Widnes Redevelopment Project is a hand-numbered limited edition of 419 units in custom packaging. Learn more about Keef Baker

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