Run_Return - Metro North


Metro North \ CD / Digital

  • Aerospace Lanes
  • Mercury Ascendant
  • Louis James Corrigan
  • OKC Dani
  • Unqua
  • Weights And Measures
  • Loge Blue
  • Trem
  • Our Pleasure To Serve You
  • Soothing Syrup
  • Revs And Cost
  • Talking Baloon
  • Animal are Beautiful People
  • Sea Plane
  • Remote Sensing
  • Unqua Sunset
  • Metro North
  • Augusta
Run_Return's Debut CD for n5MD references those blurry lines between genres. Somewhere in this washed out space, Future-Jazz, Experimental Electronica, and Recovery Rock all work together to create a focused vision of the future. Flying cars, moving sidewalks, and radio transitions from the moon where the lunar jockey spins flawless mixes of Telefon Tel Aviv, Tortoise, and Miles Davis. Take (the) Metro North and see what we all have to look forward to. Learn more about Run_Return

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