SubtractiveLAD - Suture


Suture \ CD / Digital

  • petals
  • brokadocious
  • safety in numbers
  • twinge
  • lepidoptera
  • rerum natura
  • soft inside
  • blik
  • your tattoo
  • sleepwalker
  • between the mind and body
  • embryonic again
"Suture", the follow up to SubtractiveLAD's debut release "Giving up the Ghost", finds Stephen Hummel expanding upon a sound he has made all his own, literally. In a time when experimental electronica can be made with a flick of a switch, SubtractiveLAD has chosen the difficult, yet rewarding, path of creating his own virtual instruments. This has formed the cornerstone of Stephen's unique sound. "Suture",heavy on emotion and menacing at times, has an expanded array of beat-work that is both head nodding and intensely deliberate with a depth that yields new elements with every listen. “Suture” is the thematic Yang to "Giving Up the Ghost's" Ying, a truly rewarding listen every time. As a bonus feature, “Suture” includes a pass key which unlocks exclusive on-line material which features extra tracks and remixes from Bitcrush, Keef Baker, and Run_Return. Learn more about SubtractiveLAD

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