Loess - Wind And Water


Wind And Water \ CD / Digital

  • brumal
  • greensland
  • creshiem
  • lomond
  • copse
  • sonde
  • wiebke
  • sororal
  • talus
  • veld
  • dasein
  • lll6
Loess is back! And 'Wind and Water' is proof that their time away was well spent. As the follow up to their critic-favorite on Nonresponse, 'Wind and Water' simply put; is Loess' finest work to date. Having since escaped Philadelphia for retreat in the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey; Wind and Water is a meticulously focused reflection of these new surroundings while keeping echoes of their past haunts close at hand. The sounds on Wind and Water are both moving and breathing, and crumbling and decomposing, often within a single track. It is at times ominous and foreboding and other times hopeful and calming. It is within these elements that Loess finds a sense of balance. The album suggests a new respect for the two elements that embody these balances; the Wind and Water. Learn more about Loess

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