Tobias Lilja - Time Is On My Side

Tobias Lilja

Time Is On My Side \ CD / Digital

  • A Ruthless Beast
  • Time, Oh Time
  • My Authority
  • Blood Tracer
  • Dreams of Movement
  • A Settlement of Dust
  • Gas of Forgiveness
  • The Pyromaniac
  • Beginner's Optimism
  • Gothenburg
  • To Be Thought Of
“Time Is on My Side” is Swedish experimental composer Tobias Lilja’s second full-length album and first on n5MD. This follow up to his sonic debut “Ex-leper” (nonresponse) has all the controlled visions of decay as its predecessor but with the addition of Tobias’ desperate yet controlled vocals. These vocals bring to the fore-front a humanistic layer of melody to the tonal blizzard of Tobias’ music yielding new dimensions which are to most, unclassifiable. Said by the artist to be somewhat loosely inspired by some of David Sylvian’s recent work, this comparison though is almost a moot point due to Tobias’ originality in his instrumental composition and his vocal delivery, melody and cadence. “Time Is on My Side” is truly in a world of its own. A teetering balance of contradictions… Frigid yet in some way invitingly warm, desperate with a false sense of hope, other-worldly yet somehow familiar, this balance is where Tobias Lilja excels and is proof of an artist who has found “his” sound. “Time Is on My Side” is one of those rare works of art that comes along to help you through those dark times when everything seems hopeless… Learn more about Tobias Lilja

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