SubtractiveLAD - No Man's Land


No Man's Land \ CD / Digital

  • The Shell
  • Life in a Day
  • Of Sand and Stars
  • Synthetism
  • Bring to Light
  • All ways
  • Meditation 17
  • The Sun in Your Eyes
  • No Man`s land
  • The Lucky Ones
When Canadian electronic musician Stephen Hummel‘s debut as SubtractiveLAD “Giving Up The Ghost” materialized in 2005 n5MD touted it as an amalgam of the label’s emotional experiments in music credo. With his second album “Suture” (2006) subtractiveLAD toughened things up a bit by getting darker and somewhat emotionally weighted. With his new 3rd full-length for n5MD entitled “No Man's Land” subtractiveLAD has out shined his previous albums by creating an introspective and focused actualization of his emotions. In past outings subtractiveLAD has only hinted at such introspection and has let us see just a hint of such depth of psyche. This new more open aesthetic has seemingly given Hummel a newer confidence in his sound that has led him to push further its boundaries by adding elements such as guitar, field recordings, and even hints of vocal texture to his signature style of self-made synth melodies and compressed beats. Songs of defiance, love, exasperation, hope, loss and even pleasure are all compiled in such a way to lead you through a journey of great musical rewards. SubtractiveLAD has yet again captured a resounding annotation of n5MD as a label and as a stylistic categorization, proof that there can be a beating heart behind all the silicon and wires. Learn more about SubtractiveLAD

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