Arc Lab - No Spectre

Arc Lab

No Spectre \ CD / Digital

  • I`m All Vectors
  • Versions
  • Natch
  • So Much For No Surprises
  • The Several Song
  • Dead Days
  • Miss Wet T-Shirt Vancouver 2006
  • Plays Tim Arndt
  • Spectres
  • The Past!
  • All Parallels
Arc Lab’s sophomore release "No Spectre" finds the n5MD imprint returning to its roots. Medard Fischer (a.k.a Arc Lab) uses almost 99.9% the digital realm to create his sonic tapestries. Those familiar with Fischer’s music will hear unparalleled growth in his production and songwriting since 2005’s “the nineteen floors” (MMBP). Those unfamiliar will take comfort in his musical expressions. "No Spectre" features cascading rhythms reminiscent of some of Telefon Tel Aviv’s beat-work, the melodious cadence of early Arovane and some of the warm yet slightly sinister elements of label-mate Proem. It highlights a delicate balance of tension and emotion, harnessing errant melodies, fractured percussion and granular synthesis experiments to make that all-important musical connection with the listener. Human moments made by machines? A human heart succumbing to the synthetic? Or maybe just an artist utilizing some old spectres to make something all his own… Learn more about Arc Lab

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