Proem - A Permanent Solution


A Permanent Solution \ CD / Digital

  • blacker the berry
  • secret knots
  • dual carrier
  • newskrewl
  • when things fall apart
  • sputterfly
  • a permanent solution
  • awake at 4am
  • ctimsells
  • wall of knives
  • wall of knives 2
  • deepmagix
  • give it back
  • social pirhana
Richard Bailey and n5MD team up yet again, this time to release his 6th Proem studio album "A Permanent Solution". There is an undeniably classic IDM vibe to "A Permanent Solution", one that has been missing from the genre for some time. Ever present are the moments you have come to know, feel and respect of Bailey's music. However, Bailey tears the seam on the bag of atmospherics he's been hiding and pours the contents like thick syrup over every track. The Proem beatwork is intact but there is a much heavier emphasis on letting the backdrop propel the songs forward. There are people still superfluously creating this style of electronica but not with as much depth and style as Bailey projects into his music. "A Permanent Solution" is a perfect jump forward while still keeping true to the "Proem sound". Learn more about Proem

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