Run_Return - Sum of an Abstract


Sum of an Abstract \ CD / Digital

  • Airlanes
  • Thoughts Broken By Footseps
  • Serious
  • Injection Spread
  • Wake Up
  • P. A. U. S.
  • National Geographic
  • Genius Chilly
  • Tributary
  • Last Minute Reflex
  • Jyggawhom
  • Team Action
  • Yah Chilly
Before they took the Metro North Run_return did a little math...Sum of an Abstract is their little known self released first album. Now repressed by n5MD after a few years of unavailability this time around remastered and repackaged complete with 3 bonus tracks. A shining album of "futures passed" still sounding current, relevant, and true to form, galvanizing Run_return as a band that is as distinctive as it is timeless. You do the math and come up with your own sum... Learn more about Run_Return

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