Damiak - Micalavera


Micalavera \ CD / Digital

  • Safe Passage
  • Tall Hat Greeting
  • Iridescent Wings
  • Tenuous Gears
  • Tepid Coat
  • Extended Slide
  • Mira Arriba
  • Another Word For Substance
  • Faificun
  • Step Behind The Yellow Line
  • Este es mi Secreto
  • Cualidades
Abe Dichi who's musical works are released via the Damaik alias is what you would classify as a true cosmopolitan musical entity. Spending most of his life moving between Mexico, Europe and the United States somehow gives his debut album "Micalavera" for n5MD an undercurrent of international, almost globalized, method. Add in the mixing and mastering of Mio and Valgeir Sigurdsson (Bjork, Mum, Bonnie "Prince" Billy) at Greehouse Studios in Iceland and this compounds the borderless sense of musical place that Micalavera embodies. The album title which roughly translates to "my skeleton" utilizes guitars, melodium, harmodium, violin, piano, field recordings, and live drums as well as electronic elements and edits that may recall similar moments to Sigurdsson's copatriots Mum and Blindfold or even to the more delicate moments of Dntel. Micalavera is an absorbing mix of many musical styles interwoven into a bright, affectionate, yet cohesive whole that features 12 vignettes of multi-cultural instrumentation, technique, and raw wondrous emotion. Learn more about Damiak

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