Funckarma - Refurbished Two


Refurbished Two \ CD

  • Here and now
  • Animals are beautiful people
  • Bluesmoke (instrumental remix)
  • Estrella V2
  • Con.trst
  • The way it was (ShadowHuntaz
  • Machinebong
  • More Power
  • Always within you
  • The way it was (Funckarma
  • Nevile
  • Score of an imaginary Iceland
  • The Key
  • Raued Daued
Don and Roel Funcken in conjunction with n5MD compile more remixes; old, new, unreleased and even some recently updated ones for this second in Funckarma’s Refurbished series of remix albums. New reinterpretations of Run_Return and Landau sit a long side updated versions of remixes the Funcken Brothers have done of Gridlock, Multiplex and Labteks. In addition are 9 other remixes of artists like Ontaynso, Strand & Tres, Machine Drum, EOG and Celine among others, some of which have never been available on Compact Disc. A “must have” for fans of the Funcken Brother’s prolific body of work! Learn more about Funckarma

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