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one five zero \ CD / Digital

  • Near The Parenthesis - Into The Green
  • Keef Baker - Never
  • SubtractiveLAD - Back To You
  • Funckarma - Skaind
  • Vesna - Chaika
  • Another Electronic Musician - Hilbert
  • Arc Lab - Flood Case
  • Quench - Bud (Loess Remix)
  • Proem - Recommizerate
  • Run_Return - Metro North (Funckarma Remix)
  • Proem - 3 Days (Near The Parenthesis mx)
  • Tobias Lilja - My Teacher Died*
  • AEM - Green & Olive (Near The Parenthesis mx)
  • Tobias Lilja - Five Days
  • Bitcrush - What Would Hope Be Without Disappointment
  • Lights Out Asia - Psiu! Puxa!
  • Damiak - Field Lights
  • Arc Lab - The Several Song (SubtractiveLAD remix)
  • Last Days - Points Bridge
  • Near The Parenthesis - Trailing (Bitcrush mx)
  • Loess - Talus (Tobias Lilja remix)
  • Bitcrush - In Distance (Keef Baker rmx)
  • Last Days - The Norwegian Sea (Arc Lab mix)
  • Arc Lab - Cornflake Girl*
  • Tobias Lilja - My Authority (subtractiveLAD remix)
One Five Zero is the new double CD compilation from n5MD that was commissioned to celebrate its 50th release. Those familiar with n5MD’s output both recent and past will take comfort in the exclusive all new material, remixes and covers from the current roster of n5MD artists as well as treats from its emotional experimental mafia alumni. Another Electronic Musician, Arc Lab, Bitcrush, Damiak, Funckarma (and as Quench) Last Days, Lights Out Asia, Loess, Near the Parenthesis, Proem, Run_Return, SubtractiveLAD and Tobias Lilja all take part in this excellent snapshot of n5MD as a label and stylistic presence. Those unfamiliar with n5MD’s output will find One Five Zero to be a perfect jumping off point to get acquainted with n5MD’s brand of emotional experiments in music.

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