Last Days - These Places Are Now Ruins

Last Days

These Places Are Now Ruins \ CD / Digital

  • Station
  • Reasons To Go
  • Points Bridge
  • Devil`s Wood
  • Saved By A Helicopter
  • A Storm Tore This House
  • Swimming Pools At Night
  • Two Halves Of A Line
  • Ruins
  • The Whole Town Is Against Us
  • Look After Yourself
  • Station Part Two
  • Travelling Heart
Last Days' follow up to 2006’s “Sea” “These Places Are Now Ruins” is by the artist’s admission a personal journey about revisiting the past and accepting the present is something we can all truly identify with. The album tells, strictly through feelings, of expectations, disappointments, distance, and the futility of attempting to reclaim lost memories. “These Places Are Now Ruins” is not so much a concept as “Sea” but instead a loosely chronological album documenting thoughts and emotions experienced when returning home after having moved away. The result is often dark and abstract when recalling fears or memories we can't forget but also touching on moments when one explores hopes for the future and the impact loved ones and special times have had on our lives. Last Days' sound remains at times cinematic yet slightly lo-fi and now features more live instrumentation giving “These Places Are Now Ruins” a wider diversity and more fullness of sound. Few things stay the same and those things we wish would change never do. “These Places Are Now Ruins” examines theses themes and over its duration accepts that it's sometimes best for us all to leave the past where it is… Learn more about Last Days

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