Near The Parenthesis - of soft construction

Near The Parenthesis

of soft construction \ CD / Digital

  • it`s not even midnight
  • mare nostrum
  • the language explosion
  • litnum
  • the world is inside you now
  • open sources
  • trailing
  • a little damaged
  • sitting in a room
  • for, from
  • this morning
San Francisco based musician Tim Arndt brings his Near the Parenthesis project to n5MD with the release of his second album "Of Soft Construction." This sophomore effort finds Arndt luring his potent song writing capabilities to the forefront yielding something truly exceptional. Spiraling piano sonnets are juxtaposed against sweeping cascades of grainy synth-washes and agile, yet carefully executed, beat-work. Add in an occasional mid radio station listen-in on a seemingly unfinished conversation and you have an idea of "Of Soft Construction's" perfected audible DNA. Near the Parenthesis has proven that he is yet another artist to capture the n5MD ethos in its truest most honest form.. Learn more about Near The Parenthesis

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