Hologram - hologram+


hologram+ \ CD / Digital

  • XX
  • FUYU
  • moon
  • HARU
  • bird
  • asagiri
  • union
  • Night swimming
Hologram makes its North American debut via the n5MD imprint with their album "hologram +." "hologram +" melds together detailed post-rock instrumentation, subtle electronic textures, and thoughtful, yet meaningful, female vocals. While their carefully crafted songs may seem a bit out of place on a label founded on emotional electronics, upon further listens one finds that they are right at home amongst such kindred spirits as label-mates lights out asia and bitcrush. Hologram's direction reflects an original take on familiar genre themes, but pushes way beyond specific genre trappings by tossing aside the clich├ęs and commonality to focus on the raw emotion involved in creating music. Hologram is exclusively licensed outside of Japan via Zankyo Records. Learn more about Hologram