Bitcrush - Shimmer and Fade


Shimmer and Fade \ CD / Digital

  • shimmer
  • aventious
  • no bridge no water
  • the missing
  • every sunday
  • waiting for something
  • have you lost your way?
  • and we fade
  • white flag song
  • when swallowing becomes difficult
  • the destruction of self
  • the missing (alt version)
Originally released in 2005, 'Shimmer and Fade' was a limited time download EP from n5MD's sub-label En:peg Digital. Within its forty-eight minutes, bass and guitar arose from the background to a place of prominence and carried the EP's melodic content. This change in form represented an important period in the natural evolution of the Bitcrush sound, a time that found Mike Cadoo transitioning from his post-industrial and IDM beginnings found on Enarc to the more ambient/post-shoegaze direction of 'In Distance.' After years of requests to bring Shimmer and Fade back, n5MD has chosen to re-release it as a re-mastered CD which contains four extra tracks not found on the original EP. Limited to 1000, this release will serve as a time capsule of what was yet to come. Learn more about Bitcrush

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