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Five \ CD / Digital

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For most of n5MD's existence the "IDM" ( Intelligent Dance Music) genre descriptor has been used sparingly and only for those artists that utilize a more strict electronic pallet. We shy away from such a specific genre tag because, for the most part, the music created by our artists lacks the "D" of IDM...yes, dance. That trend changes with Another Electronic Musician's latest album "Five", Jase Rex's fifth release under the n5MD group of labels. Five puts the dance back into Intelligent Dance Music through the fusion of Techno, House, Electro, and Jazz with Rex's now signature sculpted sound. He has created something unique while leaving the genre's subtler signposts intact to lead the way. "Five" pushes and pulls you to where IDM used to before it went astray with its over the top cuts and glitch and puts the focus back in the mind and hips. Learn more about Another Electronic Musician

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