Funckarma - Vell Vagranz


Vell Vagranz \ CD / Digital

  • Woodfaced
  • Kinnex
  • Magaz Stinged
  • Fraid Shim
  • Splandid
  • Unwire
  • Swame Deff
  • Ketayseam
  • Darker Days
  • Kardonn
  • Basszen
  • Vell Vagranz
  • The Sound Between Us
  • Deace
  • The Other Dredge
"Vell Vagranz" is Don and Roel Funcken's first full CD of original material under the Funckarma alias since 2006's "Bion Glent" (Sublight). This new album shows Funckarma at their most diverse by folding in other electronic music sub-genres into their already potent mix. Ambient, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Downtempo, and even some Post-Industrial motifs are all drawn into the Funckarma vortex to be reformed into the alien sonic shroud that embodies their trademark zig-zag suture stitched beats, frenetic basswork and lush emotional gauze. Plus with some help from Seaming, Kettle, Spyweirdos, Landau, and phinx find Funckarma at their most synergistic since 2001s "Solid State" (Dub). "Vell Vagranz" is proof that Funckarma are one of those rare and seasoned artists who can make any style sound like their own unique and personal creation even when trying something out of their creative character. Learn more about Funckarma

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