SubtractiveLAD - Where The Land Meets The Sky


Where The Land Meets The Sky \ CD / Digital

  • through the trees
  • away from brightness
  • the slender stem
  • pebbles and shells
  • filament
  • falling out of the sky
  • a cloudless distance
  • something like a star
  • each other in darkness
  • till break of day
  • embers and snow*
  • in the tall grass*
  • nocturne*
Producing five albums of high quality in only five years is a monumental task. Yet, this is precisely what Stephen Hummel, who records as SubtractiveLAD, has done and with seeming ease. With "Where The Land Meets The Sky", Hummel's fifth full-length for n5MD, the SubtractiveLAD sound has been perfected to such effect that it allows Hummel to concentrate on conveying his deepest feelings rather than the processes that go into music making. The album serves as an extension of Hummel's previous album "Apparatus" (2008) and effortlessly flows between such genres as shoegaze, armchair electronica, post-rock, and classic ambient. Stylistically it seems far away from his debut "Giving Up The Ghost" and in theory it is. Yet, Hummel has lead us on a journey that for the patient has yielded great rewards. The first 1000 copies of "Where The Land Meets The Sky" comes with a bonus disc of over 45 minutes of subtractiveLAD style classically influenced ambient. Learn more about SubtractiveLAD

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