Plastik Joy - 3:03

Plastik Joy

3:03 \ CD / Digital

  • sleepy quest for coffee
  • hands
  • true norwegian black metal
  • medispiace
  • problem with humans
  • twenty-ninth of april
  • barcelona - reykjavík [FHE276]
  • no-date night
  • 63 (she was trying to sleep, i was trying to breathe)
  • asynchrony of lives
  • imperfect diarchies
Plastik Joy's Debut album 3:03 which gets its name from the time of morning when the recording sessions usually came to an end. The duo of Cristiano Nicolini (ITALY) and Fannar Ásgrimsson (ICELAND) with a bit of supportive help from a few friends created an album that emits a definitive nocturnal quality. It feels as sensual as it is lonely, as dreamy as it is conscious, and as bright as the dim glow of midnight streetlights, definitely music for after the after party. A perfect soundtrack to watch the sun return to its perch or to loose yourself in on a hazy day. Learn more about Plastik Joy