Another Electronic Musician - States Of Space

Another Electronic Musician

States Of Space \ CD / Digital

  • Late Monday
  • Fields and Axioms
  • Inflationary
  • Treading
  • Fnctnl
  • Memetic
  • Atheos
  • She Said
  • Fourteen Waters
  • Venatici
States of Space is the new album from Jase Rex's 'Another Electronic Musician' project and his 4th full-length for the n5MD imprint. The album gets its title from the physiological effects of his mental state during an emotionally difficult time. It also alludes to how his perception of his environment shaped his thoughts. Rex has sidestepped any stylistic expectations from his previous album, Five, by changing his working environment with the introduction of hardware into what previously was a strictly software based creative process. This more tactile way of working has given Rex room to let the songs breathe more than before and an almost 'less is more' ethos has crept into his music that also implies the album's title. Although this approach may seem more minimalist on paper, it has not at all affected the production, melodicism or density of the Another Electronic Musician sound. Learn more about Another Electronic Musician

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