ent - Welcome Stranger


Welcome Stranger \ CD / Digital

  • No Tone
  • Sleeping Ghosts
  • Will
  • Do Not Adjust Your Set
  • Girl
  • Silver Moment
  • Farewell Dear Stranger
  • Silver Moment (Kettel Sitcom Remix)
  • No Tone (Near The Parenthesis Remix)
  • Farewell Dear Stranger (Helios Remix)
Ent is the solo musical project of Atsuhi Horie who hails from Nagasaki in the south of Japan. Horie's main gig is of frontman of the BritPop influenced band STRAIGHTENER (EMI) which has a devoted and somewhat large following in their native Japan. However, Atsushi became attracted to Leftfield electronics and Post-rock which led him to start writing a solo album in 2006 that infused more of those genres' elements in an effort to make something more personal and deeply sentimental. Three years in the making this first album "Welcome Stranger" is a lush album of wide eyed and unapologetic left of center pop somewhere between The Album Leaf and The Postal Service. Atsushi has succeeded in crafting an album that utilizes his newer influences with the more traditional style of song-craft his band STRAIGHTENER is known for. “Welcome Stranger” also features remixes from Kettel (Sending Orbs), Near The Parenthesis (n5MD) and Helios (Type). Learn more about ent