Bitcrush - Of Embers


Of Embers \ CD / Digital

  • Of Embers
  • Dream Unto Fathoms
  • Fray The Middle To Meet The Ends
  • The Days We Spent Within
  • Ascension
  • Demons & Dandelions
Those that keep a close eye on Mike Cadoo's Bitcrush project may have been somewhat concerned with the title of his previous full-length, Epilogue in Waves. That album, by Cadoo's admission, was to be the last of his cathartic Bitcrush entity. Thankfully, writing music is an integral part of Cadoo and has become an important means to understand life. Now, two years later we see the release of Cadoo's fifth album from his Bitcrush project 'Of Embers.' Of Embers is his most intimate album and continues with the very personal cathartic nature we have come to expect. Cadoo has always transitioned between and fused together diverse styles seamlessly and with each album has moved the Bitcrush meme towards his personal needs of expression. Of Embers begins where the Epilogue in Waves' song Pearl left us. Presented are longer movements each that progress and tell their story patiently using the sound that has grown to become the Bitcrush norm. Of Embers is an hour in length, yet boasts only six tracks; three tracks over 10 minutes and two that approach 15 minutes. Of Embers finds Cadoo looking even further back into his experiences and inner struggles than ever before to create what may be the most hopeful album of his musical career. Learn more about Bitcrush

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