Proem - Enough Conflict


Enough Conflict \ Compact Disc

  • deep sleeping birds
  • back to fail
  • guns.knives.lemons
  • jiittirrrrriii
  • she never cries
  • fall forward
  • sudden sharp turns
  • kalimba jam
  • enough confict
  • seafaring velvet waltz
  • skulls
  • @ the firey abyss
  • a short bit before you go
For those keeping track of Richard Bailey's (a.k.a. Proem) output, Enough Conflict is album number eight from the North American IDM veteran. The album finds Bailey in top form utilizing his technical bag of tricks to render an album for die-hard fans and new-comers alike. Those concerned with Bailey's dark ambient album “til there's no breath” on Nonresponse in 2009 can rest assured that Enough Conflict is just what they have been craving since “A Permanent Solution” (n5MD). Enough Conflict is Bailey's most diverse album mixing catchier melodic passages with some of his roughest beatwork since his debut album “Burn Plate no1”. This diversity of mood and style makes “Enough Conflict” engaging on repeated listens and a possible contender for one of the best IDM albums of 2010. Learn more about Proem

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