port-royal - 2000-2010: The Golden Age Of Consumerism


2000-2010: The Golden Age Of Consumerism \ Compact Disc

  • gelassenheit
  • regine olsen
  • divertissement
  • geworfenheit
  • roliga timmen [2003 version]
  • stasi
  • the beat of the tiger
  • song of megaptera [port-royal vs selaxon lutberg]
  • eva green
  • ernst bloch
  • agent 008 codename littlehorses (aka the lazybones)
  • severnaya
  • electric tears (nothing's gonna change)
  • günther anders [extended version]
  • hans kelsen
  • ak kids – shree bang special
  • felix da housecat – we all wanna be prince
  • cruiser – you+me+ever
  • dag för dag – hands and knees
  • blown paper bags – e-ink p-ride
  • ladytron – tomorrow
  • tre allegri ragazzi morti – la faccia della luna
  • d_rradio – long way home
  • millimetrik – les protagonistes du rien
  • illuminated faces – damage
  • felix – back in style
  • jatun – blanket of ash
  • absent without leave – blind
  • il cielo di bagdad – l’ultimo gesto
  • televise – if i told you
  • dag för dag – i am the assassin
  • bitcrush – of embers
  • inlandsis – fréquentations
In 2010 Italian wide-screen electronica group port-royal celebrated 10 years as a band. For the occasion they have teamed up with the n5MD imprint yet again for the release of a career spanning double album. “2000-2010: The Golden Age Of Consumerism” collects all of the band's rarities, compilation appearances and remixes in one unabbreviated package containing close to 3 hours of music . Disc one includes the long out of print Kraken EP, tracks from the Magnitogorsk split with Absent Without Leave, the Honvéd EP, and the band's many compilation appearances. Disc 1 also boasts two unreleased tracks. One which features port-royal siren Linda Bjalla (aka Izumi Suzuki) on vocals. The other comes in the form of a brand new extended version of Günther Anders originally heard in brief on the Onda Drops Vol. 2 compilation. Disc two features all remixes that the band has conceived over their decade together. Felix Da Housecat, Ladytron, Millimetrik, D_rradio, Bitcrush and Jatun among others get the port-royal remix treatment. This disc showcases the band's deftness in the production of the various sub-genres of electronic music they are known to encompass. “2000-2010: The Golden Age Of Consumerism” is a wonderful retrospective that shows the band's musical growth, emotional dexterity and unique approach to electronic music. Learn more about port-royal

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