Tobias Lilja - Delirium Portraits

Tobias Lilja

Delirium Portraits \ Compact Disc

  • Spineless
  • North
  • Love song
  • Birthday Cake
  • All Ears
  • Our Noise
  • Ellen's Theme
  • No Death Star
  • These Bells
  • Morocco
'Delirium Portraits' is Tobias Lilja's third album and second for the n5MD imprint. Those familiar with his previous, 'Time is on My Side' (2007), might find a few surprises on 'Delirium Portraits'. Tobias' omnipresent ambient elements are there, but he's expanded his palette to include more beat oriented structures. Some songs could almost, with a bit of good will, pass as house or techno. But as always with Tobias, there's more to the story. That dark element of an almost serene melancholy is just as present as ever, but the mood has been expanded with glimpses of something almost resembling black irony or maybe even a dark, twisted sense of humor. The dynamics have also changed, become more subtly experimental, at times almost playful, giving the songs a feeling of build up and elusiveness. Each plunging the listener into a parallel universe and time zone. Lyrically Delirium Portraits sees Tobias moving away from introspection and more in the direction of story telling. We meet a mad scientist obsessed by tibetan temple bells, we get to hear a bitter tale of eating disorders and we're given the painful story of the loss of a dear friend. All delivered by a voice that blends perfectly with the music adding to the element of deep resonance. And yet, at the same time, there's that element of dance music with beats that will have your head bobbing and your feet stomping. Songs that get under your skin and stay there. Learn more about Tobias Lilja

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