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  • my ultimate friend
  • five days
  • child
  • a couple of bus stops away
  • halfway
  • october wastelands
  • jassafraine
  • out into the sun
  • surrounded
  • daylight ends
  • whaleborg
  • stellar
  • epilogue
In the spring of 2011 Jatun front-man Scott Worley took some time off his own musical endeavors to assist in the recording and production of the inaugural album from Swedish duo eleventhfloorrecords. While there is a striking resemblance to Worley's main project the duo, simply known as Niso and Henke, approach such sparkling synth-centric shoegaze with a surprisingly fresh angle in their use of the guitar and chillwave like arpeggios. Eleventhfloorrecords is out on CD and digital formats on October 25th. Learn more about eleventhfloorrecords