Ghost Bike - Time's Carcass

Ghost Bike

Time's Carcass \ Digital

  • Closed For Winter
  • Time Giveaway
  • Our Secret Language
  • Time Everything, Man Nothing
  • Empty Trains/Our Secret Port
  • Urnful Of Summer
Time's Carcass is the new EP from Vlad Shusterman's Ghost Bike project. Shusterman cites such diverse influences as dubstep, post-rock, worldbeat and drone metal, alongside dealing with personal loss, as an inspiration during the 11 months' long creative process which led to the 6 songs presented. Heavily layered with vocals, electronics and live instrumentation, the EP a perfect way to be properly acclimated into Ghost Bike's unique sound, and is highly recommended for fans of of post-dubstep's more expansive artists like Swarms and Balam Acab. As musically vast as his contemporaries but more tense and emotional, Time's Carcass EP is a perfect pacification until Shusterman completes his next genre-fusing release. Ordering direct from n5MD also gets you the special bonus Ghost Bike cover of Feist's "My Moon My Man". Learn more about Ghost Bike

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