Asonat - Love In Times Of Repetition


Love In Times Of Repetition \ CD / Digital

  • On the Other Side
  • Forgotten
  • Expectations
  • Where The Heart Lives
  • Love In Times Of Repetition
  • What Have We Done (Silence is Golden)
  • I See Her Face
  • We Have Come So Far Again
  • Dandelions (For You)
  • There was a Pattern
  • Part of Your Plan
  • Last Song (Almost)
  • Cycle Starts Over
"Love In Times Of Repetition" is the debut album from Icelandic duo Asonat. While a new project, its members are already veterans in post millennial electronic music. Fannar Ásgrímsson (one half of Plastik Joy) and Jónas Thór Guðmundsson (Ruxpin) with a little help from co-patriot Kjartan Ólafsson (Ampop & Kjarr), Japanese singer Chihiro and the French singer Olèna Simon have made an album that sounds less like a paint-by-numbers Plastik Joy / Ruxpin team up but a fresh take on vocal-centric experimental downtempo. As one might expect Ruxpin's soothing IDM electronics are present as is Ásgrímsson's metered, programming and guitar but both artists elements are now shrouded in a new warmer blanket of timbre, style and emotion. Learn more about Asonat

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