Lights Out Asia - Garmonia

Lights Out Asia

Garmonia \ Digital

  • Knock Knock
  • You're on Display
  • Chapters of a Red Sky
  • Promontory/Cemetary
  • Absence of Oceans
  • Hail Russia Live
  • Garmonia
  • Farewell, Humphrey Bogart
  • Sigil
  • God Help Us
  • Not Every Day's a Victory
Lights Out Asia came from the ashes of Wisconsin post-rock group Aurora Rein. Two of it's members, Chris Schafer and Mike Ystad, started to create music in their free time that was less 'rock', utilized more electronic elements, and had a greater depth of emotion. These songs became Light Out Aisa's debut album Garmonia. A debut that was in its day a solidly fleshed out blueprint of the music they are still making over 9 years later. LEFT OF THE DIAL called the album “stunning”, Taste Like Chicken said “Garmonia is a middle-of-the-night car ride soundtrack” . Originally released on Sun Sea Sky Productions Garmonia is now being reissued by Lights Out Asia's current bunker n5MD. Learn more about Lights Out Asia

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