dreissk - edge_horizon


edge_horizon \ CD/Digital

  • wake
  • the rising tide
  • vision blur
  • .through (feat. Anklebiter)
  • arc
  • what awaits
  • shadow fall
  • waning light
  • set
  • the rising tide (radio edit)
'edge_horizon' is the sophomore album from Seattle based electronic musician dreissk. The album flows through a series of interwoven themes that have a strong cinematic spine where futuristic-post-industrial vistas are forever in the hazy distance. There is an undeniable weight to such post-apocalyptic ambiance, quite often in passages with no discernible percussion. This shows dreissk mastermind Kevin Patzelt's adeptness at using restraint to create tension without resorting to the all-out bombast of his peers. Highly recommend for fans of Gridlock, Vangelis' Blade Runner soundtrack, and Stendeck. Learn more about dreissk

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