(ghost) - Departure


Departure \ CD/Digital

  • Arrival. Departure.
  • Plans To Escape
  • Soft Sands
  • Abyss
  • Distance
  • Full Cycle
  • Leaving It All Behind
  • Window Seat
  • Endless Roads
  • Vertical
Departure is the debut album from Connecticut based producer (ghost). Rooted firmly at electronic music's crossroads where electronic pop, early artificial intelligence era 'Warpisms' and experimental electro intersect Departure follows a thinly structured concept in which a protagonist, possibly (ghost) himself(?), escapes a type of confinement in search of freedom or immunity. Wholly optimistic but not without it's moods of trepidation that such flight might yield, (ghost) greets the listener with engaging melodies, swabs of skittering electro backbeats and the occasional soulful guitar phrase all to great effect. Maybe it is truly the listener who (ghost) creates such an escape for... Learn more about (ghost)

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